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    Experiment 1

    When LNG is poured into the fish tank, it vaporizes rapidly on the surface of the water. The fish in the water is safe and sound, and the water quality is not polluted.

    Experiment 2

    LNG and gasoline are poured into beaker and ignited respectively. After burning, the gasoline beaker turns yellow and the asbestos tile on the top is fumigated, while the beaker and asbestos tile of LNG are bright as new, indicating that the combustion emission of LNG is cleaner.

    Experiment 3

    Pour LNG on the clothes. After LNG evaporates, twist and pull the clothes. The clothes are intact. It shows that short contact with LNG will not cause damage to the articles.

    Experiment 4

    Put your hand into LNG and stay for a short time. The hand soaked by LNG for a short time is not harmed. Because when LNG touches human body, it will quickly gasify on the skin surface and form a protective barrier, so short-term contact with LNG will not cause frostbite.

    Experiment 5

    LNG and gasoline are poured on towels separately. After a few seconds, the towels with gasoline are easily ignited, while the towels with LNG can not be ignited because of the volatilization of all LNG.

    Experiment 6

    When LNG and gasoline are poured on the iron rod at 600 degrees Celsius, gasoline burns rapidly. LNG is not only not ignited, but also cooling the iron rod. This is because the ignition point of LNG is much higher than that of gasoline, which is more difficult to ignite than that of gasoline.

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