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    LNG logistics - Midstream

    What is "Virtual Pipeline"?


    - Multimodal Transportation of Natural Gas


    - Engaged across all segments of the industry, from the supply of gas, to transportation and  distribution, right down to the point of direct commercial relationships with end-users

    Where can the Virtual Pipeline go?


    1. Local Door-to-Door Supply in Canada

    - Remote Off-grid (Propane, diesel displacement for off-grid communities' power and heating needs, e.g. Haida Gwaii, Nisgara


    2. Intermodal to USA market


    3. Intermodal from Canada to SE Asia and China  

    - fulfilled SE Asia customer’s rationale: Reduce emissions, fuel cost, fuel theft and demand reliable turnkey supply 

    - fulfilled Chinese customer’s additional rationale: Blue Sky, Clean Water, Pure Land and reliable turnkey supply.


    4. Worldwide Intermodal Transportation and Door-to-Door Supply


    Our Distribution Hub 


    1. Vancouver, Canada Hub: Travelled over 4,600,000 miles of multimodal distance without any safety issues; enough to travel  circle the earth 185 times

    2. Prince Rupert, Canada Hub

    3. Qingdao, China Hub

    4. Singapore, China Hub