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    LNG Plant - Upstream




    TSE is currently developing two small-scale liquefaction plants that are well-positioned to serve the domestic market for diesel displacement. Plants are operational by 2022 with over 220,000 tons of annual capacity.


    Skeena LNG Plant: https://www.skeenalng.com/


    Existing Source of Supply - FortisBC


    This term supply agreement is an unprecedented development in Canada's LNG export industry



    FortisBC is an electricity and natural gas distribution utility in the Canadian province of British Columbia, Canada's largest private utility company.


    FortisBC has entered into its first term supply agreement to produce liquefied natural gas (LNG) for Top Speed Energy Corp. to export to China.


    The two-year agreement will see 53,000 tonnes of LNG a year or about 60 ISO containers a week shipped from Tilbury to China by the summer of 2021.