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    Group Introduction

    最新万博app官方下载_万博体育官网manbet_新万博manbetx体育app下载 (TSE CA) is a company registered in Vancouver, BC, Canada, which mainly operate the LNG ISO tank container and the related logistics services.


    As a subsidiary of TSE CA, Top Speed Energy BC Corp. (TSE BC) is registered in Delta, BC, Canada. It is a company mainly engaged in gas business and gas terminal operation and maintenance, as well as LNG ISO Tank Container multimodal transport and related import and export agent business.


    TSE CA and TSE BC, collectively call as “TSE” or “The Company”


    To reduce air pollution and carbon emissions by boosting natural gas in the country’s energy matrix, the national strategy calls for the proportion of natural gas in the energy structure to reach 10% in 2020 (now 6.4%) and 15% in 2030. 


    The vision of TSE is to make use of the flexibility of LNG ISO Tank Container and the existing facilities to realize the multimodal transport with LNG ISO Tank Container, to create the third way and supplement transportation way to the LNG pipe and LNG ship & terminal, be able to be small scale LNG provider with door to door service.